Download Toonloop

There are several different flavours of Toonloop : Toonloop Full and Toonloop Lite. If you are using Mac OS X or Windows, use Toonloop Lite. If you are using GNU/Linux, use Toonloop Full. See also the Related Software page.

To get the latest source code from the Git repository, see the Developers page.

Toonloop 2.1.x development version (For GNU/Linux)

Get the latest development snapshot for Ubuntu (Lucid or Maverick) from the package archive on Launchpad:

1) Open a Terminal window. (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

2) Copy and paste the following line of text, and press enter

gksudo apt-add-repository ppa:alexandre-quessy/toonloop

3) Type you password. You should not see no character in the terminal window, or bullets in the dialog window. Press enter.

4) Copy and paste the following two lines in the terminal. Press enter.

sudo apt-get --quiet update
sudo apt-get --yes --quiet install toonloop

This is the recommended way to install Toonloop on Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

Toonloop 2.0.x stable version (For GNU/Linux)

Toonloop for GNU/Linux is now at its 2.0 version! Get the Toonloop 2.0.x archive, or even easier, get the Toonloop 2.0.x package for Ubuntu GNU/Linux from the Toonloop PPA.

Older Versions

Version 1.x and 0.x are still available:

Toonloop 1.x Full (old) (for GNU/Linux)

This Toonloop package is for Ubuntu Lucid. If you use an older Ubuntu version, you must first download and install the Pygame 1.9 pygame from the Toonloop project page on bitbucket. Follow the instructions on the How-to page to install and use Toonloop Full. People familiar with Ubuntu can add the Toonloop PPA to the list of their repository to make sure they always use the latest version of Toonloop Full. As of version 1.2.6, this package has been downloaded 442 times!

Toonloop Full 1.2.7 (old) for Ubuntu Lucid GNU/Linux

Toonloop 0.x Lite (for Mac OS X or Windows)

Toonloop Lite works on Mac OS X and Windows, but has limited functionalities. With this version, it is possible to record frames of live camera input, to save the clips to a movie file, and to have up to 10 clips open at the same time.

Toonloop Lite 0.15 for Mac OS X or Windows

For full screen rendering, onion skinning and chromakeying, please install the latest Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Toonloop Full. Note that Toonloop-lite needs Processing and Quicktime installed on your computer. See