Toonloop logo contest

Ongoing Contest

Why not change the Toonloop logo from time to time? Let's have an ongoing contest for a little while.

Framed horse by Alexandre Quessy

Nice arrow in T by Farid Abdelnour

The same in yellow

The horse in white

Here are the icons in list.

Current Choice

Everytime we receive one on the mailing list, I sort them, starting from my favourite. An image that is number one is likely to be the logo for the next upcoming Toonloop release.

The current chosen Toonloop logo is the frame horse:

It's the logo for Toonloop 1.9.3

Send your logo

Please send your Toonloop icons to the Toonloop mailing list.

Please submit your 48x48 PNG file to the Toonloop mailing list. The original image file should be preferably in SVG format, editable by Inkscape or so. The work must be either released in the public domain, under the GFDL or under the Creative Commons CC-By-SA license. Using free software for the design is a requirement.

Next, a PNG can be created from it with the following command:

$ inkscape -f toonloop.svg -w 48 -h 48 -e toonloop.png

The logo needs to have at least two colors in it, so that we can see it over any background color.

Alexandre Quessy